the scoop

Here’s the deal. I make pizza generally once a month on a Saturday.  I make  dough on Thursday so it can sit for at least 48 hours. Allowing the dough to sit and ferment gives it a wonderful texture and taste. I’ll be happy to make pizza for a special event or by request. So if you have a request for an order of 100€ or more, contact me.

Unfortunately we have no eat-in facility.

I make two types of pizza, Chicago Style deep dish pizza or “stuffed crust” as some call it (stuffed crust because a thin piece of dough is placed on top of the pizza and then sauce over that). I also make a thick crust or pan pizza.

  • a large Deep Dish will feed 6-8, a medium will feed 3-4
  • a large Pan will feed 3-4

Some have commented that my pizza tastes even better after reheating it. All I know is that my pizza is amazing and does indeed tastes great as left overs.